Tuesday, 2 April 2013

" The Light of Love in Life "

 Love is a full time job . It demands total devotion, sincerity ,honesty and truthfulness. 
We should not take it as a part time or rather an overtime so we would not be able to have its 
forever benefits.
As permanent job offers long term facilities and is pensionable too ,but temporary or ad hoc basis job have no such options for our safety a security.
Another kind of job is Internship.
it observes a person whether he is capable to do his task efficiently and can take the burden on.
 Love  is a full time job.
Some take it as a part time simply to refresh themselves.
Some follow it on ad hoc basis when they find a greater option they quit.
Some think as temporary and they might have their own set of  satisfying projects.
Some  believe to work on it  as  an overtime to fulfill their so called extended needs demands of their body and soul.
But when we take it first as on Internship basis,we try to show our best potential,our best face ever. We really need a break through to get in the global
Moreover on the basis of our progress and hard work we might be able to have a permanent job here.
Take the great virtue of LOVE  as  a  great  feel... A  holy  verse...ALLAH' gift.
In this way  we will  enjoy its pleasures forever. Every duty that ALLAH  has given to us should be our Love.
 With this feel we would be able to do it up to the mark and gain eternal success.
Conclusion ;
 Life is over all a full time job ,every desk ,every aspect of its color demands full time attention. 
Love is a charger of our potentials .
LOVE is a right path to follow.
 October 15,2012

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