Friday, 29 March 2013

My feels my words

"My Whispers"
The rays of feels come to my mind under the influence of my personal and real happenings of my life. I just write in a trance,I admit not exact at that time but after some time I  find profs  that I am on a right track , one sees most on my wall about relations , feelings of physical emotions, no doubt this means the same as it comes in  mind first , I mostly  write in the same trauma but eventually when I conclude and my writing comes to an end,it leads to our spiritual feels at last , and on this note , I  feel contented that  if I am crossing my limits then I  don't know yet what are the limits and the superior one is allowing me to move forward and carry on digging deep and deep. moreover I  can argue more authentically when I open the holy book and the verses  condole my soul and I found  references for my writings. There may be a lot to argue  or rather disapproval but I say , the holy QURAN is open for everyone and is equal to every intellect , I may be wrong but I just want to express my self if anyone feel distracted or even feel a burden  ,he can quit.I just share  for the sake of thankfulness in front of my LORD. May ALLAH forgive my mistakes and leads  to the right path .I pray my LORD to remain with me at the time of every hard moment in my life and in every crush of my life.ALLAH knows only we can't even imagine a glimpse of it .Thank you ALLAH for being with me ,Thank you those who are trying to understand my unusual  rather  haphazard unconventional feels, but make sure these are as pure as dew ,as real as our presence ,as open as our relations , as natural as we are asked for , as bitter as our life's reality, as sweet as our love stories, as fatal as our steroids ,as energizing as our vitamins , as fluent as our blood ,as hesitant as our limits , as complex as our  intimate  relations.
I own my every feel .
 Thank you all for being with me .

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