Thursday, 5 January 2017

"Birth Day Expression"

January 6.....1989
January 6......2016

Happy bithday to my dear son , you may not feeling me now as you are on mountains dicovering life , feeling the smell of nature, creating your own landscape, I LOVE your spirit to have LIFE with yourself, may ALLAH blessed you a lot and gives more and more PEACE of MIND, I love you unconditionally whether you express or not, I will remain there in your life in your blood as far as you are there in this material world, my prays are forever with you whether I express or not, whether I show my care or not, whether I LEAVE you or stay with you, I am yours always as I am your MUMMY , the purest relation that one can have ever in this world.
wishing you 
A very WARM and Memorable Birth Day to you.

Thursday, 29 December 2016


Whispers of dying December ......
A woman is basically a donor by nature,she has been created for this purpose,if her group match to your group then you got life ,if it doesn't then a total disaster ,total failure is your destiny.
Remember it is the fault in yourself not the donor's ability as you have chosen the wrong path.
So keep follow your way in right direction and enjoy life for ever .

Monday, 31 October 2016

"Face Book"

The meaning of FACE BOOK
every person is an open book, it all depends on us which chapter
would we like and which one we want to be explained in front of us .
which one we want to have with us forever, which one we wish to
be shared by others, which has a depth enough to touch our heart ,our soul. which one is necessary, which one is most important ,
which is fake. IT all depends our approach towards life.
face book gets ready ourselves to cope up in the real world .
through this medium we seek how to handle the hurdles of our life and how to face the unfair persons that comes in our way .
face book can be a tool for life or it can be a tool to ruin our life.
it all depends on us .

Thursday, 27 October 2016

" Pythagorean of Life"

1۔۔۔۔۔ The Nautilus Shell
 A remarkable example of the natural spiral which tends to follow the 'Golden Ratio' or the Fibonacci Sequence '

2۔۔۔۔۔Venn Diagram
 Used to represent "logical' relationships between finite sets.

3۔۔۔۔Tower Of Hanoi
A  famous mathematical puzzle that poses a challenge to shift a pile of disks on to the neighboring rod with out disturbing the order of the disks.

The Science of Secret or 'secure communication.

5---Mass Energy Equivalence
'Energy'can neither be created nor be destroyed.It can however be converted in to other forms of energy.

6---Chaos Theory
Often related to the butterfly Effect' the Chaos Theory aims to study the behavior of any system subject to its initial conditions and and how predictable or unpredictable the system might become if a slight change in its initial input is made.

Generated patterns known for their property of self similarity at all levels of magnification.

8---Probability Theory
A concept in  statistics that explains the possibilities of achieving a "winning combination".

9---The Rubik's Cube
One of  most complex mathematical puzzles of all times. the Rubik's Cube proposes the challenge of aligning the squares such that each face of the cube shows only one single color.

10---Graph Theory
Graph theory involves the use of flowcharts to represent proper 'execution of processes'.

11--- Vectors
Quantities that are represented by both direction and magnitude.

The core science behind the physical manifestation of any object can be defined by Geometry.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

2015 wishes

 Here are my Wishes for You

H...Hours of happy times with friends and family
A...Abundant time for relaxation
P...Plenty of love when you need it most
Y...youth excitement at life simple pleasures
N...nights of restful know? don't worry be happy
E...Everything you need 
W..wishing you love and light
Y...Years and years of good health
E...Enjoyment and mirth
A...Angels to watch over you 
R...Remembrance of a happy year
Lessons from life of "great people"
If u born poor, its not your mistake but if die poor its your mistake
Born with personality is an accident but Dying in a personality is an achievement
.Your birth may be normal but your death should be history.
.Do or Die is an old concept...Do it before you die is a new concept
.Like all Trust few...Learn from everyone

Monday, 24 February 2014


 Our Expressions "
Every creation is free in its expression but one who receives expression has own limits.Mode of expression and the Way of expression is the Key factor for the fragrance of expression.Expression is far more important than reading and writing.Time is one of the basic ingredient that decides the fate of expression.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

" Fragrance of Love"




Happy Birth Day To You

May Allah bless you always a glorious life full of Love , peace of mind, happiness forever, balance in every relation ,success in all aspects of life.

I love you.

We are so proud of the man you have become and the road you travel 

When it comes to Sons 

You're a Classic!

I wish you Love. Knowing that no matter what, there is a special group of people who will always be on your side, even when it seems you are all alone.

I wish you Peace. Accept who you are and be proud of yourself. Do not expect perfection
at all times, allow yourself to be human. Peace will not be far behind.

I wish you Joy. It can be found in the simplest things. The wind blowing through the 
trees, a child's smile, If you learn how to look, you will find it.

I wish you Happiness. Focus on what you enjoy. Listen to your heart. Make choices that
will result in positives, not in negatives. Happiness will follow.

I wish you Confidence.Know that are a capable,responsible person.Do not be afraid to make
mistakes, this is how you will learn. You will build confidence

I wish you Success. Work hard, even when it seems it's not making a difference. I promisyou it is. Success will follow.

I wish you Balance. Know what is important, and put them/it at the top of your list. Remember to respect yourself and others. Balance the personal and professional. This is a must.

I wish you Contentment. Know that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. Life changes so fast. There is nothing wrong with striving for better, but don't forget to enjoy the now. Look around be proud of your accomplishments.

I wish all of this and so much more for you. You are my heart, my life,my greatest accomplishment.  

selection ,.


Happy birth day my dear

Many many happy returns of the day

From the core of my Heart

..... Wishing U the height of physical and mental strength to survive in the hurdles of life........

.... Praying for Peace and Stability of mind that leads to the path of Eternal success......

.... Demanding U to become more confident and polish your self- esteem.

.... Complaining U to be more Efficient, more Productive , more vigilant not only for yourself but for others too, that is the need of the hour.

B blessed always


Feb 11, 2014

Monday, 16 December 2013


  A foggy day is our life  story .Fog is the real fact of life.We are the by- product of Fog .
Right from our birth all is mistry all is fog what we are and what we are going to do in our life later.As time progresses fog disappears that enable us  to have a look on ourselves a bit but the mist of future remains there in every moment of our present.We try our best to wipe some blindness from our mirrors and succeed some how to manage our routine work but fog remains there.
It is the secret of  our life essence too.Fog may be a secret  blessing as it motivates to search new horizons new ways to follow.Fog of life keeps on pushing us to do more and more.Nodoubt we are shattered at times,crying often complaining occassionally but it goes all in vein.when we got shinng pearls from our misty life we are pleased.When we find nothing  or rather lose our assets we curse our bluntness of life's fog.
It is all about life as far as we are alive and manage to stand in front of fog with confidence and trust in ourselves .

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

"Spirits Rebellious"

The feel ,the wish I  liked  years before ;
A quote of KHALIL JIBRAN that really touches my soul at that
TIME, and now it has become the voice of my soul ,the believe
on myself .
;; I come here to be for all , and with all and what i do today in my solitude will be echoed Tomorrow by the multitude .
what I say now with one heart will be said Tomorrow by thousands of hearts .I came to live in the glory of LOVE and the light of BEAUTYwhich are the reflections of GOD .KHALIL JIBRAN was my teen age FIRST LOVE . and still  I am in the fantasy 
of his words.
Yes very beautiful. Its the excerpt from his book "Spirits Rebellious". At another point in the same book he writes. "I was so astonished as to see birds flying back to their trees at dusk, they can fly away anywhere they want, my ambiguity got an answer when I saw my feet "So beautiful way of making us understand the divine wisdom of mother nature. by Farooq Hayat

Thursday, 14 November 2013

" Love query "

Sometime I wonder,
If you love me
As much as I love you..............
I never mean to question your love,
because I know in my heart,
what I mean to you.
I guess that when I act like,
I am unsure,
all I am doing,
is asking you to hold me,
and tell me that,
you love me.