Thursday, 5 January 2017

"Birth Day Expression"

January 6.....1989
January 6......2016

Happy bithday to my dear son , you may not feeling me now as you are on mountains dicovering life , feeling the smell of nature, creating your own landscape, I LOVE your spirit to have LIFE with yourself, may ALLAH blessed you a lot and gives more and more PEACE of MIND, I love you unconditionally whether you express or not, I will remain there in your life in your blood as far as you are there in this material world, my prays are forever with you whether I express or not, whether I show my care or not, whether I LEAVE you or stay with you, I am yours always as I am your MUMMY , the purest relation that one can have ever in this world.
wishing you 
A very WARM and Memorable Birth Day to you.

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