Tuesday, 6 August 2013


 A relationship starts with friendship and grows to intimacy .Friendship and Intimacy have their own limits we must not intermingle these .Friendship is to express every feel  and intimacy is to feel every  expression . To keep a distance is an important factor in a relationship it does not affect its intimacy rather it glorify its beauty more . This is a lesson of life for every relation too. Respect and space is the key note of every relation . Privacy is far more important not in friendship but in intimacy too , privacy means care in love not love with care . As when we love someone with care we become extra cautious so our love get aside and care  becomes top priority . Love is supreme when we love sincerely care automatically indulge in it with out our intention. . Friends and lovers occupy separate places in our life  . the one thing common in both that not a single person can fulfill our desires our wishes as we ourselves can't do so. Every person who gives soft feelings has a unique place in our life like our heart who has separate valves to adjust running life in to it , the reason for failure in feels is when we tend to have all and all from one place ,it is not reality ,Loving is a continuous process it changes its dimensions  from one relation to another and each relation restores its place forever . Sincerity is the Oxygen of every feel .

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