Friday, 29 March 2013

A birth day expression

Today is March 25th, I like Maths so I found magic of numbers in my life's book . Right from my date of birth Jan.25... at the age of 25, I was blessed my youngest child a daughter after two sons, She was born on March 25th 1992, the day when our cricket team won the 1st world cup ever in the captaincy of Imran khan, as I was cricket lover like the youth today so I felt pleased to have a baby girl on this special day of our nation. I always felt her as a gift any how with the passage of time our mutual relations would not be so up to the mark, facing many ups and downs like our own Cricket team. But over all we are united. We often quarrel like enemies when find gaps and lack of communication in between, at the same time we act like very close friends when express our feelings.We share our tears our joys,our complexes,our assets,our love,our hatred. She says she is not like me as she has a different approach towards life. I also feel like that but I know very well that she is gradually following my path unintentionally. This feel makes me sad and satisfies at the same time. I want her to make her own way but keeping in mind the lessons that life has written on my body and my soul, I want her to be strong,confident and self sufficient so would be able to survive in this totally unfriendly world for a weak woman. I wish I pray that her eyes will always shine with the glory of her dreams,no worries come to near her except that is written by our creator.

 Allah does not obligate any soul beyond its capacity.

 So I pray to my ALLAH to give her enough strength to face all the hurdles coming in her life.

Happy birth day to you my crunchy daughter, may you have many more with mental and physical health and total submission  to Allah's givings .

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