Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Swiss Account

" What is Swiss Account "
 Swiss account   is  our   greatest  power   ever  and  it   is  the  most  powerful  weakness  of ours .
 I  describe   myself   as  ;
" A  woman  having  accounts  in  so  called    Swiss  banks , I   really  mean   it  my  own  Empire ".
  Save  your  dreams  and  love  like  money  in the   Swiss  Account of  your  heart .
 Love   has  no  categories  at   all . It  is  our  life.  We   have  to  give  priority  to  our  routine relations , Love  remains  there  in the locker of    our   Swiss account  as  it   is . Untouched  unrevealed , hidden  even   in front  of  our  eyes too  , but  we  know  its feel . It's  for  us  at  the time  of  need  it will  be  at  our  back  but  from  the  depth  of  our  heart  we   pray  that  such  time  never  came  as  we don't  want  to consume , we  wish  it  would   always  as  it  is with  us.

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