Sunday, 7 April 2013

A message to the very best friend




 There are many who are touching my words

 my feels and I am touching their hearts,even

 their fingers when they click for like,but there

 is no one to touch the real of mine, I feel 

untouched,unconquered , lonely like a snow 

covered mountain to be undiscovered.

 That 's why  to show my presence ,I am 

digging deep and deep to have the pearl of

 golden touch that could become a part of 

 heavenly crown at the top of the Everest.

 I am happy , I am blessed because I come 

 to a conclusion that there is no one except 

 our CREATOR who knows us very well and 

giving the golden touch in terms of favors 

 and keeps on giving and giving. 

"how can we disagree Allah's blessings "

( Surah-al- Rehman )
 Thank you

 my ALLAH ,my Creator, my Friend
my Inner of my inner self
Just need your support and please forgive me
 NOVEMBER 15 , 2012

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