Thursday, 27 October 2016

" Pythagorean of Life"

1۔۔۔۔۔ The Nautilus Shell
 A remarkable example of the natural spiral which tends to follow the 'Golden Ratio' or the Fibonacci Sequence '

2۔۔۔۔۔Venn Diagram
 Used to represent "logical' relationships between finite sets.

3۔۔۔۔Tower Of Hanoi
A  famous mathematical puzzle that poses a challenge to shift a pile of disks on to the neighboring rod with out disturbing the order of the disks.

The Science of Secret or 'secure communication.

5---Mass Energy Equivalence
'Energy'can neither be created nor be destroyed.It can however be converted in to other forms of energy.

6---Chaos Theory
Often related to the butterfly Effect' the Chaos Theory aims to study the behavior of any system subject to its initial conditions and and how predictable or unpredictable the system might become if a slight change in its initial input is made.

Generated patterns known for their property of self similarity at all levels of magnification.

8---Probability Theory
A concept in  statistics that explains the possibilities of achieving a "winning combination".

9---The Rubik's Cube
One of  most complex mathematical puzzles of all times. the Rubik's Cube proposes the challenge of aligning the squares such that each face of the cube shows only one single color.

10---Graph Theory
Graph theory involves the use of flowcharts to represent proper 'execution of processes'.

11--- Vectors
Quantities that are represented by both direction and magnitude.

The core science behind the physical manifestation of any object can be defined by Geometry.

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