Saturday, 30 March 2013

Thank you

Thanks a lot to whom who never said I love you nor apologize for any fault of him.Moreover he never show a warm gesture on my feels rather ignores my sentiments off and on . I own all and all  but still  greatly thankful to him for being with me such a long time.As I am a difficult person to argue and much more different to live with. The  lesson that I got from him ,if You feel a subject hard to understand then let it left on time not try to mold  to your mentality. He just kept the gift he was given in  a safe locker , felt the glory of it , used it carefully,very well understood the importance of it in his life.Although he never utters a word of appreciation .This made me  dejected , I have been feeling lost  at times but now I come to realize that he simply did what he can .He did his duty up to the mark. He never  feel my words but I make sure that I am the only book in his life that he has been reading  so far.

What you are inside only Matters because of what it makes you do .

Our Relations Our Accounts


;; The power of any relation lies in its 


;; The attraction of any relation , any 

  feel lies in its availability ...

 ;; The depth of any relation ,any feel   

    lies in its distance ,the more you get

     apart the more close to your dears.

;;The perfection of any relation , any   

    feel in the time it takes to and the   

    time we give it .

;; The beauty of any relation , any feel  

    lies in its purity, its innocence, its 

    fluency,its being natural, its 


    to, its touch to your  mind, how it 

    relates to your life and  above all it 

    looks like only for you in the whole 


;; The happiness of any relation , any 

    feel lies in its mutual acceptance ,

    understanding, compatibility, giving 

    space to other , letting know the

    limits, the boundaries.

   Now it is up to us what we want to 

   have with us from our relations. If we 

   think to be confused then let it left  

   upon  time and grab the blessings

    what we are having now. 


  Every relation demands one thing only 

  that is

 " sincerity "

The Swiss Account

" What is Swiss Account "
 Swiss account   is  our   greatest  power   ever  and  it   is  the  most  powerful  weakness  of ours .
 I  describe   myself   as  ;
" A  woman  having  accounts  in  so  called    Swiss  banks , I   really  mean   it  my  own  Empire ".
  Save  your  dreams  and  love  like  money  in the   Swiss  Account of  your  heart .
 Love   has  no  categories  at   all . It  is  our  life.  We   have  to  give  priority  to  our  routine relations , Love  remains  there  in the locker of    our   Swiss account  as  it   is . Untouched  unrevealed , hidden  even   in front  of  our  eyes too  , but  we  know  its feel . It's  for  us  at  the time  of  need  it will  be  at  our  back  but  from  the  depth  of  our  heart  we   pray  that  such  time  never  came  as  we don't  want  to consume , we  wish  it  would   always  as  it  is with  us.


 " Satisfaction is like Boring for the sake of water under the earth , when we dig we don't know in how much depth we would be able to have our essence of life , we just keep on digging and digging and not fully  contented although we get drops of life as time passes but our needs get stronger and stronger.

Friday, 29 March 2013

A birth day expression

Today is March 25th, I like Maths so I found magic of numbers in my life's book . Right from my date of birth Jan.25... at the age of 25, I was blessed my youngest child a daughter after two sons, She was born on March 25th 1992, the day when our cricket team won the 1st world cup ever in the captaincy of Imran khan, as I was cricket lover like the youth today so I felt pleased to have a baby girl on this special day of our nation. I always felt her as a gift any how with the passage of time our mutual relations would not be so up to the mark, facing many ups and downs like our own Cricket team. But over all we are united. We often quarrel like enemies when find gaps and lack of communication in between, at the same time we act like very close friends when express our feelings.We share our tears our joys,our complexes,our assets,our love,our hatred. She says she is not like me as she has a different approach towards life. I also feel like that but I know very well that she is gradually following my path unintentionally. This feel makes me sad and satisfies at the same time. I want her to make her own way but keeping in mind the lessons that life has written on my body and my soul, I want her to be strong,confident and self sufficient so would be able to survive in this totally unfriendly world for a weak woman. I wish I pray that her eyes will always shine with the glory of her dreams,no worries come to near her except that is written by our creator.

 Allah does not obligate any soul beyond its capacity.

 So I pray to my ALLAH to give her enough strength to face all the hurdles coming in her life.

Happy birth day to you my crunchy daughter, may you have many more with mental and physical health and total submission  to Allah's givings .

"True Love "


 it  is  not   furious  wind that   blows  upon   every where   every thing  and  any time ۔Love  is  like  cool   breeze   in summers  , a pleasant   feel   in  winters , sweet  fragrance  in   spring   and   a   romantic  grievance   in   autumn , all   these   seasons come  in  our  life   step  by  step   not   at once , not  abruptly . In short    love  is   a   feeling   not a   liability  but  without   this   feel  we   will   not   be   able  to   perform   our   liabilities   up   to the   mark . 
Feelings   is   the   only  difference   between
 humans   and   robot.

My feels my words

"My Whispers"
The rays of feels come to my mind under the influence of my personal and real happenings of my life. I just write in a trance,I admit not exact at that time but after some time I  find profs  that I am on a right track , one sees most on my wall about relations , feelings of physical emotions, no doubt this means the same as it comes in  mind first , I mostly  write in the same trauma but eventually when I conclude and my writing comes to an end,it leads to our spiritual feels at last , and on this note , I  feel contented that  if I am crossing my limits then I  don't know yet what are the limits and the superior one is allowing me to move forward and carry on digging deep and deep. moreover I  can argue more authentically when I open the holy book and the verses  condole my soul and I found  references for my writings. There may be a lot to argue  or rather disapproval but I say , the holy QURAN is open for everyone and is equal to every intellect , I may be wrong but I just want to express my self if anyone feel distracted or even feel a burden  ,he can quit.I just share  for the sake of thankfulness in front of my LORD. May ALLAH forgive my mistakes and leads  to the right path .I pray my LORD to remain with me at the time of every hard moment in my life and in every crush of my life.ALLAH knows only we can't even imagine a glimpse of it .Thank you ALLAH for being with me ,Thank you those who are trying to understand my unusual  rather  haphazard unconventional feels, but make sure these are as pure as dew ,as real as our presence ,as open as our relations , as natural as we are asked for , as bitter as our life's reality, as sweet as our love stories, as fatal as our steroids ,as energizing as our vitamins , as fluent as our blood ,as hesitant as our limits , as complex as our  intimate  relations.
I own my every feel .
 Thank you all for being with me .


LOVE in my Dictionary  
:: It is not important to be in love with someone but it is far more important to feel the love of someone 
:: Love is blind ,love is supreme ,it dam care  to      every thing  .
::love is not letting other know about your love ,it is just a way that you have asked for it by your own will.



The Love Bird


  I am a love bird 

  swings in between  the two extremes

  finding no way to stay in between 

  I come to know when I

  opened my eyes 

  LOVE is a path in our body in our soul

  it s not hidden in a vacuum of our thoughts

  when  we  get the right direction

  it ultimately leads to our final destination 

  what we have to do is 

  just open our eyes and see the direction

  that's the difference between

  swinging and walking 

  wondering and discovering

  trying and  applying

  above all

  ruling and obeying

 conclusion :

 If we are in LOVE  we can do miracles

December 11, 2012

A knot to tie

 I am as clear as a bright day now in my relations ,in my shares ,in my feel , in my love,in my assets,in my life ,in my earnings,in my vision ,in my ultimate Goal .If you want me you must be the same ,come on ,cheer up,be a bright day today,not a December day. Life is too short to achieve our goal so what we achieve must be our goal.  Remember after December a new  year comes ,it has another twelve months to follow,be with yourself  know your potential , life is all about sharing. Any how I love December the most as I am a cloudy Soul but with logical approach .
 Be with me always till time permits.
 I 'll  with you till you feels.

Life is all about companionship

" Life  and  friendship "
 In our life we have caring friends ,free friends,relation friends,school friends, girl friends,boyfriends,pillow friends,body friends,colleague friends, class friends, status friends, intellect friends, response friends, blog friends, face book friends, Google friends, Twitter friends,thought friends,sharing friends,true friends, fake friends, enemy friends, dual face friends,sincere friends, devoted friends,selfish friends ,selfless friends,family friends,and friends of friends too.
 above all . all are ours .we can't live with out them as life is all about friendship .as life never ends so friends  never leave.
  ;; in our eternal life only real friends follow us that are our soul friends.
  ;;  make close relations with your real friends.
  ;; our  best of the friend is always with us,our creator our lord.
  ;;  love your best friend and seek the gifts of love in return.

Flirting a new dimension

 " Flirting "

 ;; Is  healthy if you want to surrender 
and is fatal if you want to conquer.

 ;; Is life if you want Soul ,demise
if you want Body.

;; Is bad for an ultimate relation and
  is good for learning a relation.

 ;; It leads to Heaven if one open eyes 
 otherwise it leads to Hell. 

"Flirting is a nice way to sort out rubbish . "



Islamabad my life

  My Islamabad My Life

I love to live here 
I love to bury here
 My world ,my heaven, my success , my failure,
  my  dream,  my cry , my joy, my body, my soul
  my earth ,my sky , my tears ,my smile, my 
  regret , my achievement, my asset , my loss .
  My all and all I own you .
  "My Dear Islamabad"


If we don't live in Paradise here,then we have no right or ability to enter in ALLAH'S HEAVEN ,In this world  we have to create a paradise of our own strength,in return of this we deserve the reward  of ALLAH'S HEAVEN for our eternal life.
DECEMBER 21,2012