Monday, 16 December 2013


  A foggy day is our life  story .Fog is the real fact of life.We are the by- product of Fog .
Right from our birth all is mistry all is fog what we are and what we are going to do in our life later.As time progresses fog disappears that enable us  to have a look on ourselves a bit but the mist of future remains there in every moment of our present.We try our best to wipe some blindness from our mirrors and succeed some how to manage our routine work but fog remains there.
It is the secret of  our life essence too.Fog may be a secret  blessing as it motivates to search new horizons new ways to follow.Fog of life keeps on pushing us to do more and more.Nodoubt we are shattered at times,crying often complaining occassionally but it goes all in vein.when we got shinng pearls from our misty life we are pleased.When we find nothing  or rather lose our assets we curse our bluntness of life's fog.
It is all about life as far as we are alive and manage to stand in front of fog with confidence and trust in ourselves .

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

"Spirits Rebellious"

The feel ,the wish I  liked  years before ;
A quote of KHALIL JIBRAN that really touches my soul at that
TIME, and now it has become the voice of my soul ,the believe
on myself .
;; I come here to be for all , and with all and what i do today in my solitude will be echoed Tomorrow by the multitude .
what I say now with one heart will be said Tomorrow by thousands of hearts .I came to live in the glory of LOVE and the light of BEAUTYwhich are the reflections of GOD .KHALIL JIBRAN was my teen age FIRST LOVE . and still  I am in the fantasy 
of his words.
Yes very beautiful. Its the excerpt from his book "Spirits Rebellious". At another point in the same book he writes. "I was so astonished as to see birds flying back to their trees at dusk, they can fly away anywhere they want, my ambiguity got an answer when I saw my feet "So beautiful way of making us understand the divine wisdom of mother nature. by Farooq Hayat