Thursday, 24 October 2013

" Eid Diary of a House wife and a mother"

A woman
writer by nature

 housewife mother by destiny
Eid day

Thought of the day ;
I am a kitchen cloth that's my pride,my faith ,my asset,my ultimate achievement and the best place that
I ever have to. I don't want to be a precious decoration piece of cloth that attracts every eye but has no practical either usage and loses its colour, decor and beauty if applies any where other then its place.I own my value as it is my fate, now it is up to me how I made space for myself to breath fresh air.
 Feeling  At night
Hectic Eid day  is over with a sip of lemon grass now , few more busy days to follow,I'll be back soon as a writer.feeling blessed.
 warning ,
B aware , last day of Eid and may B last day of load shedding free days so distribute Eid Meat as much as or save proper otherwise it may be worst liability.No more time to romancing with words ,its time to play with washing machine  and so on after Eid holidays.

 feeling determined.
A message from a renowned poet for a housewife who wishes to touch the horizon as a writer
" Housewife ki aik din ki zindagi Writer ki so sala zindagi par bhari hai "
THANKS for this wonderful is really flying .
 Eid festivities with family and guests is going to end, I got the most precious gifts of sincere feels right now.  feeling grateful.
Thank you  all who send me EID wishes and I'm really pledged for the prayers and wishes, It gave me the strength to persevere and warmed my heart,
Thanks to  my viewers for your support and understanding and feeling my words in between the lines.


Monday, 14 October 2013

"A Mile Stone "

 Twenty years  from now 
 you will be  MORE disappointed by the things that you
THAN  by the ones you did do . 
 Sail Away From The Safe Harbour.
 Catch The Trade Winds In Your Sails .
 I  got this embossed  message right now on a T- Shirt while ironing . It was just mind blowing for me on this special day .Today a Year has completed while writing Blogs on Blogspot .  Year ago I started to write on GOOGLE +,  Blogs  in my national language URDU ,as " The Galaxy of Thoughts ".  Later I separated Urdu blogs and   posted English blogs as  "The Galaxy of Feels "
 I am really grateful to those who helped me technically and  felt the depth of my words neglecting grammar mistakes and other faults.