Saturday, 22 February 2014

" Fragrance of Love"




Happy Birth Day To You

May Allah bless you always a glorious life full of Love , peace of mind, happiness forever, balance in every relation ,success in all aspects of life.

I love you.

We are so proud of the man you have become and the road you travel 

When it comes to Sons 

You're a Classic!

I wish you Love. Knowing that no matter what, there is a special group of people who will always be on your side, even when it seems you are all alone.

I wish you Peace. Accept who you are and be proud of yourself. Do not expect perfection
at all times, allow yourself to be human. Peace will not be far behind.

I wish you Joy. It can be found in the simplest things. The wind blowing through the 
trees, a child's smile, If you learn how to look, you will find it.

I wish you Happiness. Focus on what you enjoy. Listen to your heart. Make choices that
will result in positives, not in negatives. Happiness will follow.

I wish you Confidence.Know that are a capable,responsible person.Do not be afraid to make
mistakes, this is how you will learn. You will build confidence

I wish you Success. Work hard, even when it seems it's not making a difference. I promisyou it is. Success will follow.

I wish you Balance. Know what is important, and put them/it at the top of your list. Remember to respect yourself and others. Balance the personal and professional. This is a must.

I wish you Contentment. Know that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. Life changes so fast. There is nothing wrong with striving for better, but don't forget to enjoy the now. Look around be proud of your accomplishments.

I wish all of this and so much more for you. You are my heart, my life,my greatest accomplishment.  

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Happy birth day my dear

Many many happy returns of the day

From the core of my Heart

..... Wishing U the height of physical and mental strength to survive in the hurdles of life........

.... Praying for Peace and Stability of mind that leads to the path of Eternal success......

.... Demanding U to become more confident and polish your self- esteem.

.... Complaining U to be more Efficient, more Productive , more vigilant not only for yourself but for others too, that is the need of the hour.

B blessed always


Feb 11, 2014

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