Wednesday, 7 August 2013

" The Marriage "

The institution of marriage may be of two types۔

 Arranged marriage  and Love marriage.

In an arranged marriage we have to arrange all and all till the end of every limit . 

In love marriage  to arrange love  is our first priority but  the bitter realities push love at back benches ,we try our best but love loses its freshness gradually , at last there left no difference between arranged and love marriage.

One thing happens in life that in an arranged marriage care and protection tend to take the place of love somehow but in love marriage care and protection shadows unconditional love۔ 

Important to remember : An arrange  marriage may be slowly turns in to a love marriage but a love marriage ultimately becomes an arrange marriage with the passage of time .

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

" The fragrance of woman "

 Girls are like Rose buds  ,feeling strong in inner self ,attractive but unrevealed not in others eye but also  in their own .As these does not know their real strength ,their delicacy,their smell ,their destiny ,their tears  and their life too. On the other hand  woman is like flower who is well aware,  as all  feels are being written on her body and soul as well . Bud is illiterate to know the language of touch. Flower feels the depth of every feel .Flower knows some crush its identity ,some just took the essence of it and convert to the world's most precious and unique image ( the honey), some just make it dance like  breeze , some blessed it dewdrops of love , some wet it as a whole like showers of rain . One thing common in both  is  'Fear ' although its dimensions are different .A bud has a fear of unknown but a flower has a fear of all the known that it has been suffered  .Bud has just dreams  in eyes  ,flower has thorns that blues its eyes. Flower knows the end of the story but a bud is eager to know the title of the story . The energy of life is hidden in a bud but it is being expressed by a flower . Bud is a beauty to all but  flower is the meaning of beauty for those who wants to know. Last but not the least  both are on the expense of storm of time that never sees beauty nor value so own what you are and feel as you can .


"Our Needs Our Demands "

In our life we think money is the solution of every thing . when we get money and comforts then we think money has no value ,actual treasure is Love , when we find love from our relations and  people keeps on loving ,we want to quit they support , they console our inner self ,they follow our foot steps ,they worship us ,we may be the goal of their life.a time comes when we come to know that we need something else . we think that only love and love can't fulfill our demand . we wish to be respected by others ,we think that love is only a mutual understanding . when we  are respected by others an urge grows in our heart that they might understand us , they  could listen  the voice of our soul  . At last life ends but our demands from other persons never ends .


 A relationship starts with friendship and grows to intimacy .Friendship and Intimacy have their own limits we must not intermingle these .Friendship is to express every feel  and intimacy is to feel every  expression . To keep a distance is an important factor in a relationship it does not affect its intimacy rather it glorify its beauty more . This is a lesson of life for every relation too. Respect and space is the key note of every relation . Privacy is far more important not in friendship but in intimacy too , privacy means care in love not love with care . As when we love someone with care we become extra cautious so our love get aside and care  becomes top priority . Love is supreme when we love sincerely care automatically indulge in it with out our intention. . Friends and lovers occupy separate places in our life  . the one thing common in both that not a single person can fulfill our desires our wishes as we ourselves can't do so. Every person who gives soft feelings has a unique place in our life like our heart who has separate valves to adjust running life in to it , the reason for failure in feels is when we tend to have all and all from one place ,it is not reality ,Loving is a continuous process it changes its dimensions  from one relation to another and each relation restores its place forever . Sincerity is the Oxygen of every feel .

" Love and Respect "

 Love is worship without arguing , being calm and quite without quarreling our dear ,but respect is knowing some one ,its value ,its demand ,its place in our heart in our life and in our soul too.Respect is far more important than love  . No doubt love is supreme and a selfless passion but respect has its own place . Give respect to  your love and love others keeping in mind their due respect .